Beef Heart Jerky - Source of Taurine - Single Ingredient - 100% USA Grown Beef (10oz)

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DOG BEEF JERKY TREATS: Locally sourced and made in the USA only, this delicious beef heart jerky for dogs is packed with flavour from a single US sourced ingredient giving you peace of mind in giving your dog the purest and cleanest beef jerky.

NON-GMO BEEF HEART JERKY: Not your regular natural beef jerky bites, these natural dog treats are made from beef heart for the ultimate in nutritional dog snacks. Approved from beef sourced and grown here in the USA. Naturally gluten free! That's right, NO Gluten, NO Preservatives, NO Grains.

TAURINE FOR DOGS GRAIN FREE: Help to restore taurine deficiency in your best friend. Beef heart is the perfect natural source of taurine and ensures that many fundamental biological functions are healthy. Taurine also contains anti-inflammatory properties and may help with oxidative stress and healthy heart function. This organ meat for dogs will have your best friend happy and healthy.

TAIL THUMPING EFFECT: As soon as your dog will hear the dog beef jerky bag open, their tail will be thumping in anticipation and excitement for the deliciousness that’s about to come. These healthy dog treats will keep them busy and happy with a long lasting chew.

DOG LOVE EM' GUARANTEE: Your best friend will go CRAZY over this popular all natural beef dog treats. If your dog doesn’t love our dog chews, simply get your money back...easy! It’s a DELICIOUSNESS YOUR DOG WILL LOVE and it will have them coming back for more!

✅ Made in the USA.

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